Do women need a dick to play?

Pounding in your ears, deafening screams and cheers coming from all around. Standing, surrounded by a massive crowd of strangers and friends, shoulders touching as you watch the colorful flashing lights up high. A heated night with soul touching words, and a tall metal platform in the way of you and the voice that is... Continue Reading →


New Empire Are No More

Australian, rock band from Sydney, New Empire, call it quits. Forming in 2005, after 10 successful years and a massive amount of talent, the band officially broke up in late 2015, to go off and do different things, however hinted at coming back some time to do a reunion show. 'In A Breath' was the... Continue Reading →

The little things at Adele’s concert

Ever wondered how concerts are made? Well to start, I will never take a concert for granted anymore. Starting shift on Thursday  morning until afternoon, over 7 hours just to set up the audience lights, and some how I thought we had set them up rather quickly too. The next day was over another 7 hours setting up... Continue Reading →

Working for Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber doesn't know I exist. Working for Bieber isn't anything like I thought. Thousands of screaming fans all wanting the chance to meet the 'pretty boy' pop star at Etihad Stadium, on Friday 11th of March. I on the other hand was not necessarily one. Having given the chance to work at the stadium that... Continue Reading →

Procrastinating Too Much

After procrastinating and making excuse after excuse for so long, I was like: "Right I just need to write something even if it's shit, just SOMETHING!" And so here I am. Don't expect this blog to be the new Picasso, I'm only a student journalist right now so I still can't spell right. I'm hoping... Continue Reading →

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