Do women need a dick to play?

Pounding in your ears, deafening screams and cheers coming from all around. Standing, surrounded by a massive crowd of strangers and friends, shoulders touching as you watch the colorful flashing lights up high. A heated night with soul touching words, and a tall metal platform in the way of you and the voice that is... Continue Reading →


Looking in the Mirror but Actually Looking Through a Window

TWINS, what's it like? The one question we dread. What's it like being a sister to a brother or a sister to a sister. It's different for everyone, and we are certainly different but also the same. Two people born from the same egg and labeled from birth as identical twins, you would think they... Continue Reading →

New Empire Are No More

Australian, rock band from Sydney, New Empire, call it quits. Forming in 2005, after 10 successful years and a massive amount of talent, the band officially broke up in late 2015, to go off and do different things, however hinted at coming back some time to do a reunion show. 'In A Breath' was the... Continue Reading →

The little things at Adele’s concert

Ever wondered how concerts are made? Well to start, I will never take a concert for granted anymore. Starting shift on Thursday  morning until afternoon, over 7 hours just to set up the audience lights, and some how I thought we had set them up rather quickly too. The next day was over another 7 hours setting up... Continue Reading →

Working for Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber doesn't know I exist. Working for Bieber isn't anything like I thought. Thousands of screaming fans all wanting the chance to meet the 'pretty boy' pop star at Etihad Stadium, on Friday 11th of March. I on the other hand was not necessarily one. Having given the chance to work at the stadium that... Continue Reading →

Procrastinating Too Much

After procrastinating and making excuse after excuse for so long, I was like: "Right I just need to write something even if it's shit, just SOMETHING!" And so here I am. Don't expect this blog to be the new Picasso, I'm only a student journalist right now so I still can't spell right. I'm hoping... Continue Reading →

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