Working for Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber doesn’t know I exist.

Working for Bieber isn’t anything like I thought. Thousands of screaming fans all wanting the chance to meet the ‘pretty boy’ pop star at Etihad Stadium, on Friday 11th of March. I on the other hand was not necessarily one. Having given the chance to work at the stadium that night, I said sure, not because it was Bieber performing there, but the fact that it was my first taste as a roadie.

Seeing girls in heels rush to the entrance, I rush to the back where all the hard work happens for the performance. There’s nothing special about behind the stage, just chords and trucks, everything exciting is at the front of the stage. The fans looked stoked when Bieber took some time to really appreciate and thank all his fans for everything they have done for him.

Although as soon as he finished his final song, ‘Sorry’, with a big dance number, he’s rushing past everyone to leave the stadium. Now I can understand he’s trying to beat the fans so he doesn’t get swamped, however I saw not even a pause to look at anyone including  the workers, who set up and now have to back up the stage which takes over 200 workers and hours of hard work each time. Having taken on the night shift for Bieber’s concert, and my first night as a roadie, I wasn’t prepared for the tireous hours to come. Nor was I prepared to actually get as close as I did to Bieber.

It’s  3:30am, every Believer fan has gone home, and the stadium lights are so bright you wouldn’t think it was already Saturday morning at all. I have blisters on top of blisters and sweat dripping from my chin. Was it worth it? Yes! My colleagues are such awesome people, I had a smile on my face the whole way through. The experience is something you’ll never get anywhere else and still have a fun time.

I wish Bieber and his roadie crew good luck with the other half of their tour!

Fairy Floss Chick Out!


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