The little things at Adele’s concert

Ever wondered how concerts are made? Well to start, I will never take a concert for granted anymore.

Starting shift on Thursday  morning until afternoon, over 7 hours just to set up the audience lights, and some how I thought we had set them up rather quickly too. The next day was over another 7 hours setting up the stage lights. If it takes that long for many many lights, imagine how long it takes to set up a massive stage. The reason we have so many lights is so the audience can have a fantastic lights show and see every part of the concert, because who doesn’t want to see Adele on her 3D spinning stage with a rounded digital screen. It can take a week sometimes, but it is so worth it in the end just to see some of the most talented acts perform on those colourful stages.

I don’t know much about Adele besides she has an angel like voice, cares about her son, and adores her fans. Having written ‘Hello’ and other lyrics from her songs on every small piece of white confetti, people who don’t adore their fans wouldn’t spend hours of hand cramps to do that. That small gesture will definitely put smiles on fans faces when those confetti canons go off. Melbourne fans will have the confetti at Adele’s two concerts on the 18th and 19th of March.

But it’s not just Adele that puts a lot into her concerts, it is also all the workers. A roadies job can be very dangerous and tiring if people aren’t professional and well attentive, anything can go wrong at any stage. My experience in the job has been very safe and professional luckily, I’m glad I have such an experienced and friendly crew to work many sweating hours with.

So next time you go to a concert, in the words of Zombieland, rule 32, “Enjoy the little things,” said Columbus.

Photo Credit: @corndogliam

Fairy Floss Chick Out!


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