New Empire Are No More

Australian, rock band from Sydney, New Empire, call it quits.

Forming in 2005, after 10 successful years and a massive amount of talent, the band officially broke up in late 2015, to go off and do different things, however hinted at coming back some time to do a reunion show. ‘In A Breath’ was the band’s 2014 album, and the last one they performed as a full band. Jeremy, the singer of the band, still does some solo acts now and then because of his strong love for music.

The band is formed out of: Jeremy Fowler (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Kale Kneale (drums, vocals), Kyle Lane (lead guitar, vocals) and Nathan Cairns (bass, vocals).
Up until late 2011 they also had a touring guitarist and keyboardist, Thom William. Past then Fowler was doing William’s job.


The opportunities they have had have been life changing, for these young guys who were only teenagers when getting the chance to perform at Vans Warped tour, and Australia picking one of their songs to act as the theme for Australia’s Summer Olympics, they were amazed, they were just teenage boys who wanted to make music and take people on a journey through their songs and get lost. They’re band was chosen frequently for festivals and lineup acts, causing them to be on the road a lot, the teenage boys were shocked to discover so much about the world so young. Their travels and discoveries have influenced their songs through all of their albums, including the album ‘In A Breath’.

When speaking to Fowler a few years ago, ‘In A Breath’ was his favorite song from his newest album, so much that he got the words tattooed on his arm. He spoke about the album being so full of emotion, the band put so much soul into the songs.

Fowler sings about loss, authenticity, regret, passion, honesty and personal experiences in his newest album, ‘In A Breath’. Because of the flourishing piano, slow drums and gentle vocals, all of the album’s songs are positive, encouraging and uplifting, they make you feel nostalgic and imaginative – like floating on clouds.

The name ‘New Empire’ truly presents itself within their music, being fresh and complex, the instrumentals and vocals mold together well.

12371126_519975581520205_7044181927706925450_o (1)

The album features eleven tracks, one being an acoustic repeat.

The album begins with a ‘Tale of Jonah’, starting with a guitar and vocals, the slow creep up of instrumental is a great boost of energy while consisting of smooth vocals.

‘Relight The Fire’ talks about what Fowler has done in his life, the song is about himself, who he is, and him wanting to “relight the fire.” With the same pace and energy as the first just with a different meaning.

The song, ‘In A Breath’, addresses burden and grievances. Fowler talks about passion and missing someone but he will see them soon.

‘Wise Fox’ talks about the good, and showing others what he knows about life, as why the song name ‘Wise Fox’, it is about himself.

‘Fallen soldiers’ is a happy yet teary song about war and the effects, with ‘a dreamer flown back to earth’, ‘they said they needed me here’, and ‘silence the guns forever’ all represent war. Fowler wrote this song to make people aware about war and ask ‘Where will this fighting lead us to?’ For a song about war it is sweet, and consists of heavier drums than the other tracks.

‘Left Behind’ immediately starts with a retro electric piano with an upbeat, noticeably different to the rest of the album. Consisting of rapping towards the middle of the song, it is an interesting and effective change while also sticking to the bands style.

A simple piano and single vocals was all that was needed for an inspiring start to ‘A Little Braver’, although the song has few instruments in it it is one of the most self encouraging songs from the album.

‘Outshine The Brightest’ is a perfect name for this song about no one outshining who you are. It goes on to mention a story, half of the song is about meeting someone and being together, and the other half about saying goodbye. Fowler contrasts the song with ‘Mind if I take a step back from this war’, he then sings about how things have become more complicated, to just be around someone is not enough.

The last track on this album is an acoustic version of ‘Relight The Fire’, a very simple instrumental with just an acoustic guitar and Fowler’s harmonizing vocal. Even more calm then the original with no upbeats, it will put anyone to sleep in a good mood.

Although the band is rock they are a very soft rock, throughout all of their songs, they have peeks of upbeat and energizing instrumental, along with gentle vocals, making this album calm and happy. Without Fowler’s vocals and the piano, New Empire would be a normal rock band, they have given rock a sweet twist, making them more indie rock. Even though this band is no longer together, their music will live on.

Video Credit: New Empire – YouTube

Featured Photo Credit: New Empire – Twitter

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