Looking in the Mirror but Actually Looking Through a Window

TWINS, what’s it like? The one question we dread. What’s it like being a sister to a brother or a sister to a sister. It’s different for everyone, and we are certainly different but also the same. Two people born from the same egg and labeled from birth as identical twins, you would think they would be alike

but we refuse to.

For us being a twin is no different from being sisters, never considering ourselves as twins until someone asks, ‘so what’s it like to be a twin,’ that one question I can never answer. We hate being the same but we couldn’t help to have quite frequent interests between us when we were younger, whether it was forced upon or primarily just had to like the same band or colour top, luckily never have we liked the same guy before though – I’m still hoping that never happens.

My favourite questions I get asked are ‘can you read each others minds?’ and ‘if your twin gets hurt do you feel their pain?’ – Well I can tell you right now we can’t read each others minds nor can we feel each others pain. I do find at a rare chance we will say the same thing or think the same thing at the same time, I wouldn’t consider that reading each others minds though.

Being a twin, it’s all a competition, always trying to beat the other one, and when your twin is better than you at something you’re most passionate about, then the arguments start. If only we weren’t so similar in the creative department maybe then our passions wouldn’t clash so much, it’s a war zone – a sad and helpless war zone that we wish would stop.

Although constantly judging ourselves, others constantly judge and compare us as well, ‘who’s the better twin?’ or ‘who’s the evil twin?’ – we start looking at all the negatives and positives in our lives to answer these questions which then tares us apart inside and out. As if it wasn’t bad enough to constantly try to beat each other in everything we do but we’re being constantly compared as well. A constant war zone is between us but we’re brought back by how much we trust and love each other, our sisterly bond is stronger than anything else.

Your twin is your best friend and your enemy, the one you can lean on for anything, however always having to keep up with the other one or else you won’t feel as good as them, that’s hard to take when you were born on the same day just 21 minutes apart – I’m glad to say that I’m the oldest although I may not always act it.

There’s three types of relationships with twins I find, the very loving twins who think of themselves as best friends, the twins who say to people they hate their twin but don’t actually, and the twins who fight about one twin having a crumb more of cake than the other, sadly to admit but my situation of twins is a mix of all of them especially the fighting.

Every time I meet people who are best friends, they always wish they were twins – way more than we do, little do they know how it actually feels to be a twin. Being compared is a daily activity, the questions are an average first conversation, and people label us ‘the twins’ – not our actual names because it’s easier to know who they’re talking about! Only rarely do we get to mess with peoples heads and pretend to be each other but most people can tell us apart now that we have different coloured hair.

Being babies it was a bit like Woody from Toy Story, we had writing written on the palms of our feet, a D and J was the only thing that could tell the difference between these identical babies for as long as we were the same. When we became old enough we stopped the matching of clothes and became different, we became individuals. Our differences was one being a confident tom boy and one a shy girly girl, I was the girly girl. As we grew older we changed again, my sister was now the shy girly girl and I became the confident one – and less of a girly girl.

Our situation is like flavored milk, one wants chocolate and one wants strawberry but a lot of the time we had to meet half way and settle for banana. We hated the idea but being twins, we share, we’re always sharing and settling with only half. After figuring this out we forced ourselves to be different from one another, different hair colors, clothes, music, everything, friends however being together constantly our friends were always the same. Yet still it wasn’t enough, people still only saw one person, not two.

We always say we’re Ying and Yang, well we mean it, we are different in so many ways as well as still being connected. We’re just like a magnet, two sides completely different but they work together and when both sides are the same the magnet doesn’t work, so the sides constantly keep changing to be different.

Even though we are Ying and Yang, we are still twins and we are glad about that because we are unique, we still however only see each other as sisters not two people born from the same egg on the same day, and we want others to think of us as sisters too.

As people say – Friends come and go but family are forever.

We might fight like friends but we will always be family.

Fairy Floss Chick Out!


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